“This Week in the News” [vol. 01-05-24] | CONSERVATIVE RAP

A few rhymes covering news topics for the week ending Friday, January 5th, 2024

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“The Proclamation”

…this track is an “overview” or introduction to “Conservative Rap” (as a philosophy, or culture). “The Proclamation” allows listeners to grasp the music’s  socio-cultural restorative aims, particularly traditional lyricism as an instrument for the resurrection of classical American thought.

Transcription of “The Proclamation”:

… … /
… … /

……This is /

Conservative Rap yo… / (This is for the Patriots)
… … It’s / (…you can call me a Patriot)
Conservative rap son… / (Online the censorship getting dangerous)
… … I said it’s / (So here’s some traditional rhymes)

Conservative Rap yo… / (I said this is for the Patriots)
… … This is / (I got faith in us, one time for your mind)
Conservative Rap son… / (Eyo check it…a conservative rhyme style)
… … /

Conservative Rap yo: viewpoints you /
Rarely ever, or maybe never, heard from a black / (it’s)

Conservative Rap son: the most lyrical and /
Most political version of rap /

Fly conservative raps from a free individual /
Given that our Nation used to be indivisible / (it’s)

Old-school…traditional, real skilled lyrical /
Conservative in principle, purposeful rap /

Fundamentally, essentially, my art of rap’s a /
Double-entendre metaphor which I trademarked in fact… /

T.M., (clear throat), excuse me, ahem /
Just how I truly feel in a world that pretends /

When I bust it, even liberal SJW’s shake / (cause)
When I bust it: the lies of the Democrats break /

The victimhood assumptions; the evil and corruption / (that)
The left-wing media, fake news industry will publish /

Those of us on the right use to leave them to destruction /
But if we don’t check them now, yo they’ll destroy our republic /

So I challenge them, by rhyming with a right-minded narrative /
Express it proudly, cause that’s what our challenge is. /

Historically we’ve been tolerant, and just adjusted /
But if we don’t check them now then they’ll destroy our Republic /

So I challenge them, devise and write lines, with analysis /
And express it proudly, cause that’s what our challenge…is /

Conservative Rap yo: that’s what it is / (This is for the patriots, cause)
That…the, tha-that’s what it is/ (Online censorship getting dangerous)
Conservative Rap yo: that’s what it is / (Symbolic shots at the globalist)
Rap, riggy, riggy… that’s what this is / (Gov’ts controlled by socialist)

Conservative Rap yo: that’s what it is / (lyrical and traditional, rhyme)
That, th… the, tha- what it is / (skills, for free-thinking individuals)
Conservative Rap yo… / (that’s fairly right-leaning & political)
Rap: riggy, riggy that’s what this is /(yet still ill & traditionally lyrical)

It’s Conservative Rap yo…”

~ fin

“This Week in the News” (June 2019)


“This week in the news…this week in the news / In Japan: some crazy dude stabbed a group of little girls / Who were just going to school…just going to school / Read all about it! This week in the news… /


This week in the news, this week in the news / (in) In San Fernando: some psycho chick stole an RV / (and) Raced cops through the deadliest pursuit / (Read all about) Read all about it! This week in the news… /


In Chicago: Miss Lightfoot faced her first murder wave / Where the death-rates on a whole other page /


Only solution, to me? National Guard / Or else kiss that metropolis bon voyage!!! /


You would think, since we had a President who came from there / He’d care, not live in DC as a multi-millionaire /


But as Lori declined the National Guard idea… / Barack’s speech skills got him half-a-mil somewhere /


This week in the news…this week in the news / Some items covering 2019 in June… / This week in the news… this week in the news / … / (Yo…yo, yo)


In other news, a Wendy’s employee took a bath / In the same kitchen where they made the burger you just had /


Do a search through my rhyme – take the words from any line – and / You’ll find something online, accurately verifying… /


Like an article condensing current happenings of mention / While extracting the pretension and the liberal lies! /


Designed to update you to interesting times… / News in rhyme; as an update for these interesting times /


This week in the news…this week in the news / In San Fernando: cops led through the deadliest pursuit /


This week in the news… this week in the news / In Japan: kids stabbed on their way to middle school /


Dude shanked them from behind as they were getting on a bus / In a world like this, who could anybody trust? /


Lori Lightfoot declined the National Guard / As an Obama speech just netted him 400,000 dollars… /


This week in the news… this week in the news / And Hillary is still complaining about Russia / It’s sad those students at Hunter had to suffer / Read all about it! Read all about it!


~ fin